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St Anne's Church has been enriched by many beautiful works of art which have been designed or made for us over the years. The original white altar frontal, which has been in use since the consecration of the present church in September 1890, was restored by Watts and Co, Westminster in 1990 in time for the church's Centenary celebrations. It remains in use for every major festival.

In 1989, a new green altar frontal was designed by Graham Beardsley for St. Anne's. The embroidery was undertaken by Elizabeth Thompson of St George's Chapel, Windsor, and the frontal was made by Watts and Co, together with a matching pulpit fall.

From 1992 to 1995, Graham Beardsley became Assistant Curate at St Anne's. During his curacy, he designed a new violet altar frontal and matching pulpit fall for the church. Again these were embroidered for us by Elizabeth Thompson , and made by Watts and Co.

Finally, Mrs Thompson embroidered a red pulpit fall to Fr Graham's design, to match an existing altar frontal.

Mrs Val Heron has embroidered a rose coloured pulpit fall for use on the Third Sunday of Advent and the Fourth Sunday of Lent. It can be seen on the embroidery page.