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The War Memorial Organ

The organ at St. Anne's was the gift of Thomas Fenwick Harrison as a memorial to the parishioners who had died in the war. It was built in 1919 by Messrs. Rushworth and Dreaper of Liverpool and the opening recital was given by Alfred J. Eyre Esq. F.R.C.O., M.R.A.M Organist at St. John the Evangelist, Norwood, London, formerly organist of the Crystal Palace, London.

The organ, one of the finest on Merseyside, consists of 3 manuals, thirty five stops, 1810 pipes and (apart from the Tuba, Nazard and Piccolo) has pneumatic action throughout. One of the most original features on the organ is the wooden ophicleide (pictured right) which is quite a rarity. To view the specification click here.

Nothing but the highest standard of craftmanship went into the instrument, and it has given excellent service over the years. In May 1977 work started to renovate the organ which involved cleaning and overhauling and the painting of the case pipes from grey to gold, adding fresh beauty to the organ.

Since 1996 the organ has undergone an extensive programme of overhauling.

  • Main bellows releathered in 1996
  • Organ was completely cleaned and overhauled in 1998.
  • Pedal coupler action overhauled and new pedal board fitted in 2003.
  • Extensive releathering to piston book motors and pedal relay machine
  • CC pedal bellows releathered in 2005.
  • Great bellows releathered in 2006.
  • Swell and choir bellows releathered in 2012.
  • CC# pedal bellows releathered in 2013.
  • Pedal Sub bass and bass flute derivation machine and sounboards releathered in 2018
  • Pedal Ophicleide sounboards releathered in 2020
  • Pedal Violone and Great Contra Gamba derivation machine and sounboards releathered in 2021
All of these jobs have been carried out under the expert direction of Mr. Brian Jones, formerly of Rushworth and Dreaper. Since 2002, Brian has cared for the instrument with his new firm, Merseyside Pipe Organ & Piano Workshop.

In 2008 a tuba stop was added on to the organ. The tuba pipes were made by the eminent organ builder William Hill in 1900 and to help finance the project, the pipes were put up for adoption. The tuba is situated in the top of the organ chamber and is the crowning glory of the instrument. We are grateful to everybody that has supported this project.

Noel Rawsthorne composed "The St. Anne's Fanfare" to honour the event and we were delighted that Ian Tracey, Organist Titulaire, Liverpool Cathedral accepted our invitation to give a thrilling organ recital to celebrate the new tuba.

In 2015 the bass pipes of the Hill tuba started suffering metal fatigue and were becoming unsafe. The tuba pipes were replaced with ones made by Rushworth and Dreaper in 1935.

In 2017 the Nazard and Piccolo stops were added to the choir in loving memory of Linda Williams. These add a beautiful sparkle to the flute chorus on the choir division.

Click on this button to hear the organ (excerpt from Variations on an Easter Theme by John Rutter)
wooden ophicleide
Bottom pipes of the
16' wooden ophicleide
tuba pipe Tuba pipes
Organ organ chamber Great pipes Tuba pipes
Click on the pictures to see the full size version