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St Anne's War memorial: the churchyard

The Churchyard at St Anne's holds 21 war graves, 18 from World War One, and 3 from World War Two.



Corporal WR/290356, Royal Engineers, 98th Light Railway Coy.
died 13/02/1919, aged 30.
Son of James and Catherine Axton, of Liverpool; husband of Annie Axton, of 3, Albany Rd., Stoneycroft, Liverpool.
1901 Census. West Hall Lodge, Crompton, Lancashire.
James Thomas (father) 44, Gardener, born Ripley, Yorkshire, Catherine (mother) 43, born Toxteth Park. Children John Henry 14, Telegram Messanger, born Waterloo, Frederick Myddleton 12, born Aigburth.



Able Seaman Palace Z/1992, Royal Naval Volunteer Reserve, H.M.S. Ganges.
died 16/11/1918, aged 29.
Son of William and Ellen Butterworth, of 6, Shaftesbury Terrace, Old Swan, Liverpool.
Born b.15/2/1889
ex-R/1989 AB RNVR ; Army Reserve 2/3/16 ; Joined 3rd Reserve Bn. Blandford 16/6/17; Draft for BEF 22/10/17, joined Hood Bn. 13/11/17-3/1/18 Frostbitten Toes, Invalided to UK 10/1/18; 19/4/18 transferred to RN Depot Chatham (new No. Palace Z/1992); HMS "Ganges II" (Training Establishment Shotley) 1/5/18-16/11/18 DD.
Died in Shotley Sick Qrs. from Broncho-Pneumonia.
1901 Census. 6 Shaftesbury Terrace, Liverpool.
William (father) 56, Stationary Engine Driver at Waterworks, born Liverpool, Ellen (mother) 55, born Whiston. Children Richard 26, Waterworks Engine Driver, Daniel 24, Joiner, Albert 21, Book keeper, Fanny 19, Dressmaker, Frank 14, Arthur 12. All children born Liverpool.

Arthur's family grave in St Anne's churchyard. His nephew Arthur Cunningham who died during WW2 is buried with him.



Private 43015, Pembroke Yeomanry, 2nd/1st/
Secondary Regiment: Labour Corps, (529659) 548th Coy.
died 12/11/1918, aged 19.
Son of Mary Elizabeth Byron, of 351, Prescot Rd., Stanley, Liverpool, and the late Thomas Byron.
1901 Census. 47 Childers Street, Liverpool.
Thomas (father) 37, Farmer, born Prescot, Elizabeth (mother) 33, born Liverpool. Children Ada 11, Lily 9, Thomas 7, Lizzie 4, William 1, Edward 1 month. All children born Liverpool.
William is mentioned on the church memorial.



Private S/368230, Royal Army Service Corps.
died 30/01/1921, aged 29.
Husband of Lucy Margaret Davies, of 11, Albany Rd., Old Swan, Liverpool.



Private 77647, The King's Regiment (Liverpool) 23rd Inf. Labour Coy.
Secondary Regiment: Labour Corps (Cpl. 52226)
died 19/05/1921.
Husband of Ethel Gothard, of 26, Ronald St., Old Swan, Liverpool.



Private T/344163, Royal Army Service Corps.
died 11/04/1921, aged 34.
Husband of Mary Jane Harrison, of 10, MacQueen St., Old Swan. Liverpool.



Rifleman S/11410, Rifle Brigade, 5th (Reserve) Bn.
died 03/06/1919, aged 33.
Son of Sarah Hewitt, of 43, Belfast Rd., Old Swan, Liverpool, and the late James Hewitt.
1901 Census. 2 Stuart Place, Liverpool.
James (father) 48, Brewers Cooper, born Lymn, Cheshire, Sarah (mother) 40, born Liverpool. Children Herbert J 15, Shop Boy, born Liverpool, Sarah A 12, born Liverpool, Florence 9, born Warrington.

The service records for Herbert have survived. He enlisted at Liverpool on 31st August 1914 as Private 32095 with the Royal Army Medical Corps, giving his age as 28 years and his occupation a Painter. He is 5 feet 7 inches tall, weighs 132 pounds, with a chest Measurement of 37 inches. His complexion Fresh, eyes Grey and hair Brown.

Herbert's signature on his enlistment papers

Herbert trains in the UK and is appointed acting Corporal on 8th January 1915, before reverting back to a Private on 20th February 1915. He is then transfered to the 5th Battalion Rifle brigade on 1st June 1915 with whom he leaves for France on 12th July 1915, arriving the following day. Herbert is appointed acting Corporal on 26th August 1915, but reverts back to Private on 31st March 1916 for Gross misconduct.
Sometime within the next three months Herbert is wounded in action, recieving a gun shot wound to his right thigh. He returns to England on 4th July 1916. On 21st March 1917 at Weymouth Herbert is discharged from the Army as " No longer physically fit for war service " His age at discharge is 30 Years 11 months, and his conduct is noted as Sober, Honest and Stealthy. His address on leaving is listed as 21 New Road, Liverpool.
Herbert returns to Liverpool and later recieves a 50% pay pension for his injury. Sadly on 3rd June 1919 Herbert passes away, probably from complications from his wounds.

Army medical document listing Herbert unfit for service

Army medical document listing Herbert unfit for service
Pension details for Herbert



Gunner 171683, Royal Field Artillery, "D" Bty. 76th Bde.
died 04/03/1919, aged 32.
Son of Francis George and Annie Hutchinson; husband of Agnes Hutchinson, of 59, Wharncliffe Rd., Stoneycroft, Liverpool.
1901 Census. The Tower, Sandfield Park, Liverpool.
Francis (father) 48, Gardener, born Thirsk, Yorkshire, Annie (mother) 47, born Yorkshire. Children Mary 16 Domestic Servant, Robert 15. Children born Stanley, Liverpool.
Robert is mentioned on the church memorial.



Air Mechanic 1st Class 231157, Royal Air Force.
died 25/02/1919, aged 31.
Husband of Agnes Grace Jones, of 6, Woodgreen Rd., Stoneycroft, Liverpool.
Edward is mentioned on the church memorial.



Lance Corporal 110142, Royal Army Medical Corps, 3rd Training Bn. (Blackpool)
died 10/05/1918.
The service records for Percy have survived. He enlisted at Blackpool on 17th July 1916, giving his age as 18 (birthdate 26th June 1898) and his occupation as a solicitors clerk. His address is listed as 14 Derby Place, Liverpool. His mother Margaret Knowles is listed as his next of kin, living at the same address.
A second document has Percy enlisting at Liverpool on 10th January 1917, aged 18 years and 6 months. He is 5 feet 7⅝ inches tall, weighs 119 pounds, and has a chest measurement of 34 inches.

A faded signature for Percy on his enlistment papers

The records dont list much detail of Percy's service, it seems he stayed in the UK. On 16th March 1918 he is acting Lance Corporal with pay. On 4th May 1918 Percy is admitted to the Kirkham Military Hospital near Preston with accute influenza. Sadly he died 6 days later on the 10th May 1918.

Army document that looks like it was completed by St Anne's church

The records give details of Percy's family. A 1919 document filled in by his sister Margaret E. Sparke shows the family living at 14 Derby Place, Edge Lane, LIverpool. Percy's father is deceased and his mother is listed as Margaret Knowles. Three brothers are listed, Thomas of 14 Derby Place, Charles living in Ilford, Essex and Stanley who is serving with the Army in Palastine.
Percy has 4 sisters noted. Margaret E Sparke, Lilly Knowles and Jean Knowles all of 14 Derby Place, and May Bullock (address unreadable).


Percy's family grave at St Anne's churchyard. The inscription is very faded but shows him buried along with his parents Charles and Margaret, and his sister May.



Lance Corporal 41883, North Staffordshire Regiment, Depot. died 02/01/1919. Archie is mentioned on the church memorial.



Corporal of Horse 50, Household Battalion.
died 27/06/1920, aged 30.
Son of Arthur and Eleanor Probert, of 28, Cheadle Avenue, Stanley, Liverpool. Born at Wollongong, Australia.



Rifleman 1224, The King's (Liverpool Regiment) 6Bn.
died 07/10/1914, aged 33.
Son of Walter James Scarlin.
Born West Derby, Liverpool. Enlisted Liverpool. Resided Liscard, Cheshire.
Arthur is mentioned on the church memorial.



Lance Corporal 16L/5028, 16th (The Queen's) Lancers.5256371 died 11/06/1918, aged 25.5256371 Husband of Ellen S. Smith, of 23, Albany Rd., Old Swan, Liverpool.



Corporal 78415, Royal Engineers, Tunnelling Coy. Depot.
died 11/12/1919. Aged about 23.
Brother of Mr. E. B. Vernon, of 94, Sunbeam Rd., Old Swan, Liverpool.
1901 Census. 36 Sandstone Road, Liverpool.
Fred (father 46) Saddler, born Over, Cheshire, Annie (mother) 45, born Over, Cheshire. Children Harry W 17 Railway Booking Clerk, born Over, Cheshire, Edward B 13, born Over, Cheshire, Walter 10, born Bradford, Manchester, Robert 8, born Old Swan, Liverpool, Percy 5, born Old Swan, Liverpool.



Private 113307, The King's (Liverpool Regiment)
died 09/04/1920, aged 38.
Son of Thomas Wainwright, of 20, Grampian Rd., Edge Lane, Liverpool, and the late Frances Wainwright. Frances died at the age of 29 and is buried in St. Anne's churchyard in 1885. Her service is conducted by Revd. Hilton Gardner.
1901 Census. 3 Thistlewood Road, Liverpool.
Thomas (father) ropemaker 48, Jane 35, William 18, Arthur 16, Dorothy 8, Thomas 6, Edward 4

The Service records have survived for William. Though they are very few and do not offer much detail. He signs up for duty (it looks like December) in 1915, giving his age as 32 years and 2 months. Remaining on the reserve list before being attested at Seaforth on 13th August 1918. William is listed as serving in the UK from 12th August 1918 to 13th November 1919. I assume he was then discharged and returned to Liverpool.

William's signature on his enlistment papers

Also recorded is that William was 35 years and 10 months old when he attested in 1918, and his chest measurement was 34 inches. His occupation is listed as a Clerk at Jackson, McConnan, Rope Makers, Edge Lane, Liverpool. He gives his next of kin as his father Thomas Wainwright of 20 Grampian Road, Edge Lane, Liverpool.


Private 204569, The King's (Liverpool Regiment) 5th Bn.
Formerly 1808, Lancashire Hussars Yeomanry.
CWGC list death as 10/10/1917. SDGW list death as died of wounds 11/11/1917.



Gunner 66137, Royal Field Artillery, 6 B Reserve Bde.
died 05/10/1920, aged 24.
Son of Arthur and Mary Ann Whitling.
Awarded the Military Medal MM.
1901 Census. 484 Prescot Road, Liverpool.
Arthur (father) 41 Fishmonger, born Ouseburn, Yorkshire, Mary Ann (mother) 42, born Clitheroe, Yorkshire. Children George 17, Emma 12, Winifred 10, Nathaniel 8, Henry T 4, Arthur S 3. All children born Liverpool.



Flight Sergeant (Air Gnr.) 978237, Royal Air Force Volunteer Reserve, 578 Sqdn.
died 16/03/1944, aged 30.
Son of William and Clara Jane Ballard, of Liverpool; husband of Joan Ballard.



Sergeant (W.Op./Air Gnr.) 1379896, Royal Air Force Volunteer Reserve.
died 31/10/1942, aged 26.
Son of William Henry and Fanny Cunningham, of Liverpool.

Arthur's family grave at St Anne's churchyard. His Uncle who died in WW1 is buried with him.



Ordinary Seaman, P/JX 282088, Royal Navy, H.M.S. Victory.
died 03/05/1941, aged 30.
Son of Thomas and Jane Gibbon, of Liverpool.