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St Paul's War memorial

St. Paul's became part of a united benefice with St. Anne's in 2006 and is now part of the unified parish so details of the war memorial in this church are on this website.
The memorial lists 56 members of the parish who died in WWI and 7 who died in WWII. It has been located in different locations around the church. It is pictured below in its original location.

At the outbreak of war the men from the parish of St Paul's took the call to enlist. Many joined the Liverpool King's regiment or other regiments of their choice, often opting for regiments close to their family roots such as Irish, Scottish or Welsh. Some served at sea as Mercantile Marines, with the Royal Navy, or the Air Force. One of the men listed served with the Australian Army. They would all face dangerous times in foreign lands and waters, witness terrible events, and fight in some of the bloodiest battles ever known. Inevitably, some would never return home, paying the ultimate sacrifice with their lives. It was in honour and memory of these brave men that a fitting memorial was erected at the church.
Please use the links to read details about the men listed on the memorial. Where possible, I have added details concerning the men. These include census and service records. Due to WW2 bombing, only a small fraction of these service records remain so unfortunately not all of the men listed at St Paul's church are included. Sadly due to lack of records I have been unable to find any details about some of them, but their names are entered and the research will be ongoing. I welcome any input and hope that along the way relatives of these brave men, and anybody with an interest will find this website of use. I wanted to remember the men and show that they all had lives to live just like you and me, I hope that I have done them the credit that they deserve. After all they are much more than just names on a war memorial.
I would like to thank Martin Jones for kindly allowing photographs of the church to be used.Thanks go to Pierre Vandervelden for allowing cemetery photographs to be used from his 'In Memory' Website, and to WW1 Cemeteries for allowing the use of their photographs.
Anthony Hogan