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Notices for October 2016

Our Sunday service is a sung Eucharist which starts at 10am.

There is a Crèche and, in term time, Sunday School to which all are welcome. There is tea and toast afterwards in the hall.

Our Prayer Focus

Those who are sick in body, mind or spirit.

We give thanks for the emergency services and their dedication to saving lives.


Sunday 2nd 10am Harvest Benefice Eucharist
Tuesday 6.30pm Brownies
Wednesday 10am Morning Prayer
  6.30pm Choir Practice
Thursday 9am Toddlers
  6.30pm Choir Club
Friday 9.30am Church Cleaning
Sunday 9th 10am Benefice Eucharist
Tuesday 6.30pm Brownies
Wednesday 10am Holy Communion
  6.30pm Choir Practice
Thursday 9am Toddlers
  6.30pm Choir Club
Friday 9.30am Church Cleaning
Sunday 16th 10am Benefice Eucharist
Tuesday 6.30pm Brownies
Wednesday 10am Holy Communion
  6.30pm Choir Practice
Thursday 9am Toddlers
  6.30pm Choir Club
Friday 9.30am Church Cleaning
Saturday 3pm Messy Church
Sunday 23rd 10am Benefice Eucharist
Tuesday 6.30pm NO Brownies
Wednesday 10am NO Holy Communion
  1pm The Link
  6.30pm NO Choir Practice
Thursday 9am No Toddlers as its half term
  6.30pm Choir Club
Friday 9.30am NO Church Cleaning
  7pm Concert - Czech Youth Orchestra and St Anne's Choir
Sunday 30th 10am Benefice Eucharist - celebrating All Saints & All Souls with ministry of healing
Next Sunday is the celebration of All Saints and All Souls

Music includes May the choir of angels by Sands and Do not be afraid by Stopford

  • CONCERT Friday 28th October, 7pm - All are very welcome to come and hear the incredibly talented musicians from the Czech Republic combining talents with our very own Church Choir. Free Admission.

  • DUKE OF EDINBURGH St Anne's is now a Licensed Assesment Centre for the Duke Of Edinburgh Award Scheme.If you are aged between 13-24, or know of anyone who might be interested in finding out more then visit the DofE website or . FOR DETAILS ON THE NEXT MEETING PLEASE CONTACT CHANTELLE Look forward to seeing you soon!

  • DO YOU SHOP ONLINE? If so, please register with www.easyfundraising.org.uk and the retailers you shop with will make a donation to us AT NO EXTRA CHARGE TO YOU! So far we have raised 514!!

  • PARKING As a courtesy to those who are less able and towards those who live in Cheadle Avenue can people please park in the car-park or on the church side of the road before parking directly outside the Church (by vestry door) or on the resident's side of Cheadle Avenue. Thank You.

  • LOGS Logs are available at 3/bag. So if you, family or friends have an open fire or wood burner please see Emma for a bag. With enough notice, home delivery may also be available for those without transport. So far we have raised 614!

  • 100 CLUB Congratulations to last month's winners. This fundraiser raises important funds each month. Please see Eve Stokes to check that you are up-to-date with your subs. Thank you. Next draw: 30th October

  • FUTURE OF ST PAULS CHURCH BUILDING We are currently in a consultation period regarding the future use of St Pauls. The representations made - both for and against - are currently being considered.

    Easter Sunday 2014 was the last service to be held in St Pauls Church, on Derby Lane. It was a joyous celebration of Christ's resurrection from the dead with a massive amount of sadness knowing that as a small, but committed, congregation we could no longer manage the parish church building. Various lead thefts from the Church roof had meant the building had become even more susceptible to water ingress. Despite various restoration projects, which included the repointing of the whole building costing hundreds of thousands of pounds, the concrete structures within the building became a health and safety concern. Sadly, the drain on the parish resources to replace the lead was too much. St Pauls being a grade 2* listed building meant that our hands were tied with regards to replacing it like for like, ie. easily stolen lead could not be replaced with a different material less appealing to thieves. Thus began a vicious cycle of thefts, insurance claims and monies being spent on repairs we could not afford. With the lack of funds remaining to secure the structure for safe use, as a parish we had to make the sad decision to relocate to St Annes. This was initially only a temporary arrangement as we sought ways to be able to fix the building of St Pauls and return to taking our services within its walls. Despite many pleas, both locally and further afield, the help, physical support in attending services and funding for such an immense project was simply not available without some match-funding, money the parish simply does not have. It therefore became clear late in 2014 that the parish of St Pauls Stoneycroft would return to St Annes Stanley (from which it was originally carved) and the building would have to be made redundant. This means the building is no longer open for services conducted within it, according to the Church of England framework. It has been proposed that St Pauls Stoneycroft would remain a separate title whilst becoming a single parish with St Anne, Stanley rather than a United Benefice. This legal change in becoming one parish, has little effect on the parish as it stands as the Benefice is already sharing the same clergy, lay-readers and general ministry. In a physical sense the main change is of course the fact that services can no longer take place within the building of St Pauls. The parish services, during this time of discernment, have been taking place in St Annes and it is proposed that St Annes becomes the parish church for St Pauls, Stoneycroft and St Annes, Stanley. However, the actual building of St Pauls cannot be just disregarded. As already mentioned, the building is structurally unsound without some significant investment and building works being carried out internally. As a listed building it cannot be simply 'knocked down' and the land rebuilt upon. This is where the Egyptian Coptic Church (ECC) comes in. The ECC is a Christian Church proclaiming the same belief of God as Father, Son and Holy Spirit, as St Pauls has always done. The expression is slightly different - they tend to sing more than we did, but essentially they hold services in the same way we have always done. It is important to remember that they are CHRISTIAN and any rumours to the contrary are just that, rumours. The long term plan is that they will have the responsibility of maintaining the building and the grounds and eventually this iconic building will once again be used to worship God in the full glory Sir Giles Gilbert Scott intended. There are a couple of aspects to this overall plan that as two Christian churches we differ on - in the same way that the Church of England may differ with the United Reformed, Methodist or Catholic Churches on various thoughts, expressions of liturgy or design These main differences predominantly centre on the burial plots and World War 1 memorial plaque. The ECC has no wish whatsoever to disregard the memories of those laid to rest in the churchyard or remembered via the plaque inside the Church. However they are the parish's memories and people, not theirs, and so began the discussion to relocate them. It important to note that St Pauls grounds has never been open to casket burials only cremated remains. This means that there are no coffins in the churchyard. The burials that are there - approx. 30 - are all of cremated remains and some of these have surviving family members within the congregation of St Pauls. It is their wish that the stones and the earth of the original plot of their family members be relocated to an area within the churchyard of St Annes, which will become the St Pauls 'churchyard'. An application is in place to the Ecclesiastical court for this to happen, in a sensitive and liturgical manner consistent to the original burial. Likewise an application has been put in to the Church commissioners to relocate the war memorial into St Annes. This ensures that 'no one is left behind' and all are continued to be held in love for who they were and respect for all they gave. It is hoped that this arrangement will not only see the spiritual flourishing of the parish of St Pauls as it joins with St Annes, it will also see the physical survival of a building, magnificent in structure but also complicated in design, a design which has sadly has been too much to cope with for the congregation members - all 25 of them, for too long. In His love, Emma Williams, Vicar

  • NOTICES please Emma by 10am Wednesday morning if there are any notices for the weekly sheet. Also, don't forget to let her know if you want a name added/removed from the sick list.

  • WEDDINGS & BAPTISMS To book your special service please contact Emma by phone (0151 228 2426) or to arrange an appointment.